Saturday, 6 August 2016

Empty Perfume bottles!

Getting inspiration to write this post was very easy as me and my mum were rummaging through her bedroom on a summer cleaning spree that's when we discovered the large quantity of empty perfume bottles accumulated over the years.

This is when I thought it would be a shame to bin all the fancy, high-end and VERY EXPENSIVE bottles! It would be a fantastic idea if employers at The perfume shop, The fragrance shop, Boots, Avon, Jo Malone or any stores which sell fragrances to accept and welcome empty bottles so they can be reused. This would definitely be much more eco-friendly and help the environment significantly. Their should be some type of reward for the customer for every empty fragrance bottle they return such as 50% off their next selected fragrance or.. a free scent after returning 10 bottles...? Something which can motivate customers to return the bottles to be reused by the company they have purchased from. This is just one simple idea which all us beauty lovers can do to make our own contribution in society, the ideas are endless!!
Hope you enjoyed reading this very short but sweet blog post!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Favourite Summer Drinks| 2015

During this beautiful summers evening as I type away on my laptop, the weather actually is not so bad for England haha! No rain and a slight breeze every now and then.
I have been consuming a variety of drinks during this season which I thought is worth sharing, so my first favourite is COSTA's "Mango & Passion fruit cooler". This iced drink is perfect for when the sun is out and you're feeling a bit hot and need something to cool and refreshing. The drink is fruity and the blended ice is  perfect for the summer!

Second on my list is INNOCENT'S super smoothie called "Energise". I wouldn't really call this drink a smoothie as to me it is very light in texture just like a normal drink however, my favourite part of the drink is that it contains very healthy ingredients such as strawberries, cherry, guarana and flax seeds which is a mash up of a load of goodness as well as containing many vitamins. Also what I find very convenient about this drink is that it is the perfect size to throw into my bag rather than carrying around.

My final favourite drink of the summer is a home-made smoothie, a concoction of whatever is hanging around in the fruit basket in the kitchen. This is an easy way to gulp down all the nutrients of fruit and veg with no added sugar and no extra process.

Thank you for reading! :)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Delicious home-made Burgers

Mouth-watering, Healthy,Yummy Burgers

Recently I have loved dishing up these home-made, mouth-watering burgers which taste SCRUMPTIOUS.. even better than take-out burgers in my opinion.

What you will need: 
Warburtons thin burger buns (or any type of bun will do)
Freshly & finely chopped lettuce, cucumber, carrots
Chicken breast which has been pre-marinated
Tomato ketchup
And finally Nando's peri-peri sauce- any of your choice.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Double Oreo cupcake

Hi lovelies!

Today I am coming at you with one of my secret recipes.. which you know from the title of this post; Double Oreo cupcakes! :D

This recipe consists of the following ingredients:
125g caster sugar
1/4 tbsp. vanilla extract 
2 large eggs
135g butter
2 packets of chocolate Oreo biscuits

Whiz all of the ingredients together into a large mixing bowl using an electric whisk. At this point you can also add crumbles Oreo cookies into the batter. Place an Oreo cookie in each of the empty cupcake cases, which will act as the base. Add equal amounts of cupcake mixture into the baking tray lined with cupcake linings. Place in the oven for 20 minutes, 205 degrees.  

I would recommend eating the cupcakes 5 minutes after being baked as the Oreo cookie base at this point will be warm and sort of tastes like cookie dough YUM! :D

Thanks for reading :)