Thursday, 18 June 2015

Double Oreo cupcake

Hi lovelies!

Today I am coming at you with one of my secret recipes.. which you know from the title of this post; Double Oreo cupcakes! :D

This recipe consists of the following ingredients:
125g caster sugar
1/4 tbsp. vanilla extract 
2 large eggs
135g butter
2 packets of chocolate Oreo biscuits

Whiz all of the ingredients together into a large mixing bowl using an electric whisk. At this point you can also add crumbles Oreo cookies into the batter. Place an Oreo cookie in each of the empty cupcake cases, which will act as the base. Add equal amounts of cupcake mixture into the baking tray lined with cupcake linings. Place in the oven for 20 minutes, 205 degrees.  

I would recommend eating the cupcakes 5 minutes after being baked as the Oreo cookie base at this point will be warm and sort of tastes like cookie dough YUM! :D

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 5 June 2015

LUSH | Current favourite store


It's bright and early and I'm coming to you with a new post on my current favourite store LUSH. In fact Lush has always been one of my favourite shops as the products are made with with natural ingredients so this gives me the satisfaction that it will not irritate my skin with any harmful chemicals like some products contain and also the staff at Lush are wonderful! Unfortunately the Lush store in my town closed a few years ago now but this means that whenever I go to the city then I can splash out on as much as I want wohoo! :D

This is my first time purchasing a Lush Butterball bath bomb as it spelt delish in store so I picked one up to give a try. It's an average, white bath- bomb however it does wonders to your skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft and sooth as it contains cocoa butter and the ylang ylang moisturises the skin giving a healthy sheen. This is taking over my obsession for the honey-bee bath bomb woopsie :)

At Lush the amazing display of face masks just reels you in. All made from natural ingredients and do wonders to the skin.  

This bath bomb I purchased is called Space Girl, and I can totally see why. The vibrant purple colour with red glitter creates a fun colour in the bath. What I love most about this bath bomb is the scent which is very sweet and refreshing which is right up my street. 

Lush gave me the Fair Trade foot lotion to test and when I first smelt the product I wasn't so keen. It smells quite medicinal however the colour is a bright bubble-gum pink shade which I love and it is safe to say that it does the job pretty well of soothing the foot skin and leaving a fresh, cooling sensation. 

What I love about Lush is that the products are free from animal cruelty and are made from organic, beneficial ingredients hence I would highly recommend their products. Two of my other favourite products from Lush are Vanilla- Dee-Lite lotion which smells incredible and Honey-bee bath bomb.

Thank You for reading :)

From Summaya

The Body Shop | 2015 releases

Hello readers!

Today I'm coming at you with the new launch releases from The Body Shop which are AMAZING! Trust me, you're in for a surprise. Today I met the lovely skin care expert Alicia at TBS who is great at explaining skin types and differentiating between the conditions of each person's skin. She kindly gave me skin consultant on the new products which she also tested on my skin to get an in-depth overview of how the products work and their significance. 

Personally when it comes to public consultant I'm the type of person that would shy away however the workers at TBS are excellent in making you feel comfortable and engaging with work with a hands on approach.

The products displayed in each of the photographs I can hands of heart say were fantastic with the Camomile cleansing oil being my favourite from them all! I would never think of placing oil on my skin however even now as I type away on my laptop I can still feel the nourishment and cleanliness to my skin... oh how wonderful! :D

The vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser is amazing at giving the face a nice, healthy sheen without looking oily or wet. The thick, vibrant shade of the cream creates a perfectly soft and hydrating effect giving the feeling of plumpness especially to the cheek area.

Overall I enjoyed my visit to The Body Shop at Trafford centre, the experience was truly great, thanks to Alicia! If any of you are interested in purchasing the products presented above or have any inquiries regarding them then leave a comment or equally send me an email so I can fully answer any questions. 

Here is the link to the online store:
I would highly recommend visiting the Trafford centre store and if you have any inquiries ask for Alicia regarding any product you are on the hunt for or if you have any general questions as she gives excellent advice and knows her stuff!

Thank you for reading the blog and keep your eyes peeled for more to come. I will list below all of the products which I have tested and are mentioned in this blog.

Products mentioned: 
Camomile gentle eye make-up remover 250ml :£8
Camomile silky cleansing oil 200ml £10
Tea tree foaming cleanser 150ml £5
Aloe Vera calming toner 200ml £8.50
*Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser 50ml £16
*DOY Sleeping mask 90ml £22

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Defeating Exams!

Another 'short' blog...  woopsy :)

The exam season for me has consisted of waking up at sunrise to cram most of my revision and I would highly not recommend this method so to ensure you are fully prepared it's always best to start your revision off two months before hand to fully understand everything and this also reduces the stress before the exam.

Moreover, I love learning by reading and understanding the text book thoroughly so I create colourful notes using pens and highlighters to make learning fun and to keep me going. There are many methods of revising and for each person the type varies so make sure you find with way suites you best! Another tip prior to exams is that don't forget to eat and drink plenty, sometimes you can be to caught up in revision and can easily lose track of time so it's always best to keep a water bottle with you and a few snacks to supply you with enough energy and to stop you from dozing off.

Having a positive way of thinking as to how well the exam can go if you revise will enhance your performance and reduce the stress levels so I definitely recommend preparing yourself and take it nice & easy!

Treating yourself after the dreadful examination series is a must! So here I go shopping ;D